Here’s a Paleo lunch. If you haven’t heard of Dr. Loren Cordain yet, you should definitely check out his work. He wrote both “The Paleo Diet” and “The Paleo Diet for Athletes.”

Prep time: about 120 seconds.

Paleo Lunch

Paleo Lunch



1 Avocado, 1 Tomato, Smoked Salmon Trim.


2 Responses to “Lunch”

  1. middle.professor Says:

    Ummm. Looks delicious. The diet itself seems a little off (e.g. we *have* evolved to modern diets since the pleistocene, which is why I can drink milk as an adult with impunity) but I’m ok with anything that advocates good looking food like that in the picture!

  2. jbastide Says:

    I would still give Cordain a quick read wrt to his research on the modern diet. It’s definitely worth a look. I may even have the book at home if you want to borrow a copy.

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