This is an N=1 experiment in training, using a bicycle as the medium. Posts will also be interspersed with info gathered from throughout the blogosphere and other online sources.

I set a quite arbitrary goal of trying to maintain ~330+ watts for 30 minutes or so. It seems like that would be adequate to ensure a good time on the local group rides come summer time. I don’t really have the mental fortitude to practice hour long efforts, and prefer shorter efforts in general (5 to 10 minutes). That’s just how I roll (pun intended).

I’ve also been struggling with chronic tightness and pain in my hamstrings at the attachments with the glutes. That has, in the past, limited my performance envelope to out of the saddle climbing. That was all well and good while I lived in CA, but now that my wife and I live in Maine, it will pay off to be comfortable seated, so all power files will represent seated efforts unless noted otherwise.  And yes, I’ve started making stretching a bigger part of my routine in order to address the hamstring issue. I’m also helping coach a high school nordic ski team on the side, so the physical effort put forth in the power files does not represent the sum of physical activity for the day. This is not a tightly controlled laboratory with Sprague-Dudley rats — this is life. However, what I am counting on are the principles of specificity and progressive overload to drive adaptation of my physical systems with respect to getting faster on two wheels.

‘Nuff said.


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